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AI Influencer Instagram: Top 14 AI Influencers You Need to Follow in 2024

Updated: Mar 18

"I am an AI creation."

Many AI influencers on instagram gathered together

Ever heard of Instagram AI influencers? If not, it’s high time you discover the top AI influencers on Instagram. They are the new kids on the block and redefining the Instagram playbook.

In short, an AI influencer on Instagram is created by a computer (often with AI-generated software). The character is then given a personality and acts as an influencer on Instagram.

Unlike their human counterparts, AI influencers are available 24/7, can collaborate globally without limitations, and bring a novel, futuristic edge to brand collaborations.

Why should you care?

The rise of Instagram AI influencers has been meteoric, with brands, fans, and industries taking notice. According to a 2023 survey conducted by the Influencer Marketing Factory, 60% of respondents admitted to have used a virtual influencer.

That's a very large audience with a ton of potential.

New AI technology has made the creation of new AI influencers easy. They can now be created by following a few simple steps.

Top 14 AI Influencers on Instagram in 2024 👇🏼

  1. Lu do Magalu – @magazineluiza

  2. Lil Miquela – @lilmiquela

  3. K/DA – @kda_music

  4. Thalasya - @thalasya

  5. Imma – @imma.gram

  6. Qai Qai – @realqaiqai

  7. Kyra – @kyraonig

  8. Shudu Gram – @shudu.gram

  9. Bermuda Is Bae – @bermudaisbae

  10. Aitana Lopez - @fit_aitana

  11. Rozy Gram – @rozy.gram

  12. Lechat – @lechat.vv

  13. Milla Sofia - @millasofiafin

  14. Giorgina Aleman - @gioalemann

Lu do Magalu – @magazineluiza

Instagram AI influencer Lu do Magalu, also know as "Lu"

Lu do Magalu, also known as "Lu," tops the list of AI influencers on Instagram and highlights the growing significance of virtual influencers in marketing.

She was introduced in 2003 as the voice of Magazine Luiza's e-commerce platform and has since become a cultural icon in Brazil.

With over 6.6 million followers on Instagram, Lu is now the world's most-followed AI influencer on the platform.

Her content spans from unboxing videos to product reviews and software tips, resonating deeply with a vast audience.

Beyond her digital persona, Lu blurs the lines between the virtual and real worlds, collaborating with artists and brands in tangible, impactful ways.

Lil Miquela – @lilmiquela

Instagram profile snapshot of Lil Miquela, a leading figure among Instagram AI influencers.

Meet Miquela Sousa, better known as Lil Miquela, tops the list of virtual influencers on Instagram.

She is a real digital darling, a creation of Trevor McFedries and Sara DeCou, coming from Downey, California.

With >2.6 million followers on Instagram, her influence is undeniable.

She burst onto the digital scene in April 2016 and quickly became a cultural phenomenon. Her achievements include being named among Time Magazine's "25 Most Influential People on the Internet."

With a budding music career, she has popular singles like "Not Mine" and a collaboration with Baauer titled "Hate Me."

Miquela also enjoys a prolific fashion career, having worked with brands like Prada and even launching her own clothing line.

Below are three examples of her collaborations with BMW, Alexander McQueen and Timberland.

K/DA – @kda_music

Profile view of K/DA on Instagram, showcasing their prominence as top AI influencers on Instagram.

Riot Games presents K/DA, another famous AI influencer on Instagram, and a virtual band that's become nothing short of a digital revolution.

The band includes members Ahri, Evelynn, Kai'Sa, and Akali, they offer a melange of vocal prowess and rap brilliance.

Their songs, especially "Pop/Stars" and "Villain," have transformed into anthems, partly thanks to collaborations with artists like Madison Beer.

With more than half a million followers on Instagram and an engaging Twitter presence, they've truly captured the hearts of fans globally.

Thalasya - @thalasya_

AI instagram influencer Thalasya - @thalasya_

Emerging from Jakarta, Indonesia, Thalasya made her debut on the digital scene on October 21, 2018.

She is known for her love of travel, fashion, and music, attracting approximately half a million Instagram followers, mainly female.

Thalasya endorses various sectors, including gastronomy, health, and leisure, reflecting her adventurous spirit. Alongside Zeline, she co-owns Yipiiiii, a chic clothing store, showcasing her entrepreneurial side.

Created by Magnavem Studio and involved in music with Ind Alliance, Thalasya is more than a virtual figure; she is a versatile talent, merging the digital world with real-life passions and interests.

Below are some examples of her brand collaborations with Canon Indonesia and tokopedia, an Indonesian e-commerce company.

Imma – @imma.gram

Imma's Instagram profile, representing Japan's forefront in the AI influencer Instagram community.

Japan introduces the world to Imma, an AI generated influencer on Instagram that represents "the now".

Created by Tokyo's ModelingCafe, Imma embodies modern Japanese aesthetics with her signature pink bob haircut. Her eclectic interests range from fashion to films, making her a blend of diverse cultures.

With hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, Imma's influence transcends borders. Brands and media outlets across the world are clamoring to collaborate with this digital style icon.

For instance, she has been featured in Lenovo's "Yogo for All of Us" campaign in Japan.

Below are three examples of her collaborations with Ikea, Magnum and Prada.

Qai Qai – @realqaiqai

Instagram profile of Qai Qai, a unique blend of virtual and reality in the world of Instagram AI influencers.

Qai Qai is not just a digital persona; she's an Instagram sensation that bridges the virtual and real in compelling ways.

With her unique style and quirky posts, Qai Qai has cultivated a devoted following that eagerly awaits her every update. Behind the digital facade lies a story that resonates with many, a story of evolving identity in an increasingly digital age.

Her lively presence as an AI Instagram influencer continues to challenge our perceptions of what is real and what is digital, as she blurs the boundaries in delightful ways.

Kyra – @kyraonig

Kyra's mesmerizing Instagram profile, a testament to the blend of art and technology among top AI influencers.

Kyra's digital aura on Instagram is nothing short of mesmerizing. Elegantly curated, her posts offer a window into a world where art, technology, and human essence converge.

Her creator's vision, combined with the power of AI, has given birth to an influencer who resonates deeply with her followers.

With each post, Kyra tells a tale of the future, of what's possible when we blend human creativity with technological prowess. In a realm where the virtual often mirrors reality, Kyra stands as a testament to the beauty of digital creation.

Shudu Gram – @shudu.gram

Profile screenshot of Shudu Gram on Instagram, a beacon of digital beauty among Instagram AI influencers.

Shudu Gram has set the digital world abuzz. Often touted as the world's first digital supermodel, she's the epitome of elegance and grace, perfectly crafted pixel by pixel.

Her existence challenges the traditional norms of modeling, proving that beauty and influence can exist beyond the tangible.

Each of her posts on Instagram is a masterpiece, capturing the imagination of countless admirers worldwide. As AI continues to shape our world, Shudu Gram stands as an icon of the limitless potential it holds in redefining industries.

She is clearly one of the top AI influencers on Instagram.

Bermuda Is Bae – @bermudaisbae

Bermuda Is Bae's Instagram profile, an epitome of digital entertainment in the AI influencer Instagram arena.

Bermuda Is Bae is more than just another AI influencer on Instagram; she's an embodiment of the future of digital entertainment.

With her blonde looks and vibrant presence, she has captured the imagination of hundreds of thousands followers on Instagram.

Created by the digital artisans Trevor McFedries and Sara Decou, Bermuda doesn't restrict herself to visuals alone.

Her foray into the music realm promises an exciting blend of digital artistry with melodic rhythms.

Aitana Lopez - @fit_aitana

Aitana Lopez, a famous ai influencer

Spain's pioneering AI influencer, Aitana Lopez, has made a significant impact with her unique pink-haired persona and interests in fitness and gaming.

Managed by The Clueless, Aitana boasts a rapidly growing Instagram account.

Known for her engaging content and virtual presence, she is redefining the boundaries between digital creation and real-world influence.

Rozy Gram – @rozy.gram

Instagram snapshot of Roza Gram, a South Korean AI influencer Instagram sensation.

South Korea's Rozy Gram has made waves in the digital space, cementing herself as an AI sensation, especially among Gen Z.

She is the creation of Sidus Studio X, a visual creative production studio based in Seoul, South Korea.

Roza's ability to express a wide array of emotions has won her the title "GamSeong JangIn," which stands testament to her "expression expertise."

Despite her digital origins, she's been recognized extensively by media outlets, showcasing the potential of AI in the world of influencers. Notably, her impressive estimated earnings through sponsorships reach an astounding $2 million, redefining the worth of virtual entities.

Below are three examples of her collaborations with American Tourister, Calvin Klein, Chevorlet.

Lechat – @lechat.vv

Profile view of Lechat on Instagram, introducing extraterrestrial charm to the world of Instagram AI influencers.

From the distant planet of M-City, Lechat has descended upon the digital realms of Earth, bringing a unique blend of extraterrestrial charm and Earthly entertainment choices.

Be it K-Pop, K-Dramas, or Earth's other pleasures, Lechat showcases a wide palette of interests to her Instagram followers.

Her digital voyage extends to YouTube, where she explores the world of VR Chat and showcases her musical endeavors.

Milla Sofia - @millasofiafin

Milla Sofia's Instagram profile, showcasing Finnish charm in the world of AI influencers on Instagram.

Coming from Helsinki, Finland, Milla Sofia is a digital native who adds a touch of Finnish charm to the AI influencer sphere.

At 24, Milla exists solely in the digital domain, her striking looks made via Stable Diffusion Artificial Intelligence image generator.

Her influence isn't just restricted to Instagram. On TikTok, she's amasses thousands of enthusiasts, all keen to catch a glimpse of her virtual escapades.

As she ventures into the fashion world, Milla draws admiration from many, although some of her digital fans often blur the lines between reality and the virtual, leading to some intriguing interactions on platforms like Instagram.

Giorgina Aleman - @gioalemann

Instagram profile of AI influencer Giorgina Aleman

Giorgina is an AI influencer travlling the world, speaking both English and Spanish.

Her account is relatively new, with her first image published on October 15, 2023. Since then she has been growing to more than half a million followers.

Giorgina is collaborating with large companies such as Cadillac, Calvin Klein and Coca Cola.


We Help You Create an AI Influencer for Your Brand

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As you explore the fascinating world of AI influencers on Instagram, why not consider creating your own AI personality for your brand?


Ethical Considerations of AI Influencers

Half robot, half human - representing the ethical considerations of AI influencers on Instagram

The rise of AI influencers also bring ethical considerations.

One of the most obvious ones is transparency. It is important for followers to know whether they are following a real person or a computer-generated AI influencer. This clarity is important not only for the authenticity of the influencer but also for the trustworthiness of the content they produce, especially since AI influencers often draw inspiration from actual individuals.

Moreover, is is important to uphold standards of responsibility, ensuring that the creators behind these virtual personas are as accountable for their actions as their human counterparts. Unlike human influencers, who face direct public scrutiny, the teams behind AI influencers may not always be visibly accountable.

In conclusion, as AI influencers continue to reshape the digital marketing landscape, addressing these ethical challenges is imperative to ensure a fair, transparent, and responsible ecosystem for both users and creators.

Future of AI Influencers

An AI generated influencer on Instagram looking into a future ball

As we look ahead, the future of AI influencers appears to be an interesting growth segment. While nobody knows the future, here are our key predictions for the space:

  1. Increased Number of Influencers: AI technology is lowering entry barriers, enabling more people to become influencers. This includes those preferring anonymity, thus diversifying influencer personas and content.

  2. Brand-Created AI Influencers: Advancements in AI will enable brands and agencies to create tailor-made AI influencers, such as an AI climber for a climbing brand, further expanding the influencer market.

  3. Reduced Costs: The proliferation of AI influencers will likely drive down the costs of influencer services due to increased supply.

  4. Emphasis on High-Quality Content: As the influencer landscape becomes more crowded, uniquely engaging and nuanced content will become crucial for standing out.

  5. Differentiation by Human Influencers: Real influencers may start labeling themselves distinctly to differentiate from AI influencers, creating a clear distinction in the market.

  6. Integration in Various Industries: The emergence of sophisticated digital personalities will see AI influencers becoming more integral across industries like fashion and gaming, offering novel ways for brands to engage with audiences.

  7. Ethical and Real-world Considerations: With this growth, balancing ethical considerations and the blend of virtual and real-world interactions will be crucial.

The trajectory of AI influencers suggests a dynamic and evolving field, one where technology and human creativity will continue to intersect in fascinating ways.

Monetization of AI Influencers

An AI influencer earning money

AI influencers are becoming an attractive place for monetization and brand collaborations, thanks to their rising popularity. Let’s explore the various avenues for monetization:

  1. Brand Collaborations and Sponsored Content: AI influencers can collaborate with brands for sponsored content. Their ability to creatively integrate brand messages into their content makes them attractive partners for promotions and competitions. Their collaborations range from sponsored posts to major advertising campaigns, with top-tier AI influencers commanding rates as high as $10,000 per post.

  2. Affiliate Marketing: AI influencers can be used to promote products with affiliate links. By adding affiliate links in their posts, they earn commissions on sales, providing a seamless integration of products into their digital narrative.

  3. Private Label: Leveraging their distinct digital personas, AI influencers can launch private label brands, offering merchandise like clothing or digital art. This strategy not only diversifies revenue streams but also strengthens their connection with fans through tangible products.

  4. Entry into the Music Industry: AI influencers are making waves in the music industry, not just by signing record deals but also by producing AI-generated music. This unique approach to music creation and virtual concerts opens up new monetization channels.

As brands recognize the unique value of AI influencers, the importance of maintaining transparency and authenticity in these partnerships becomes very important. These collaborations must build trust with the audience to ensure the enduring success of marketing campaigns.

In conclusion, the monetization potential for AI influencers is vast and varied, marking them as a significant and innovative force in the digital marketing realm.


In an age where the line between the virtual and the real continues to blur, AI influencers on Instagram offer a glimpse into the limitless possibilities of technology.

They are not just redefining the ways in which we perceive personalities but are also carving a niche in the world of branding, entertainment, and even activism. With their global reach, round-the-clock presence, and unique appeal, these digital trendsetters are not only challenging traditional norms but also broadening horizons.

As AI continues to evolve and become more sophisticated, the world of influencers is bound to expand and diversify, with more nuanced digital personalities offering fresh and innovative perspectives.


What is an AI influencer?

AI influencer, also known as virtual influencers, is a digitally created personality made by artificial intelligence. This type of influencer only exists in the digital realm, often with a focus on social media platforms, where they engage with audiences, promote brands, and create content, much like their human counterparts.

How are AI influencers created?

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