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Speed Up Your AI-Journey

BRACAI can help you scale your business with affordable and scalable AI solutions.

Our AI Consulting Approach

AI integration is unique for each organization. At BRACAI, we tailor our AI consulting approach to meet your specific needs. We focus on three main areas:

Company readiness assessment



  • Identify organizational necessities and respective organizational readiness factors

  • Prioritize and assess relevant readiness factors

  • Purposefully adapt and develop organizational assets, capabilities, and commitment

  • Define AI objectives aligned with business goals

  • Develop strategic AI plan, tailored to specific business goals and challenges 

  • Create a roadmap for AI adoption and select appropriate AI technologies and use cases

  • Design comprehensive training programs for AI processes, emphasizing human-AI collaboration

  • Implement upskilling initiatives to foster AI adoption

  • Ensure effective integration of AI solutions, focusing on change management and continuous learning

Main AI Consulting Services

AI Readiness Assessment

Prepare your company for AI now

Evaluate your organization's preparedness for AI integration with our AI readiness assessment. We analyze key dimensions like strategy, structure, systems, skills, and people to guide you towards AI excellence.

AI Strategy

Create your AI strategy today

Develop a comprehensive AI strategy that aligns with your business goals. We assist in defining AI objectives, creating strategic plans, and developing a roadmap for AI adoption tailored to your specific business needs.