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Meet Imma Gram – @imma.gram

Japan's virtual model sensation
AI Influencer Imma Gram

Imma isn't just another face on Instagram.

She's a pioneering virtual influencer from Japan with a significant following.

Unlike traditional influencers, Imma is not real, yet her impact on the digital world is as profound as any real-life celebrity. She is one of the top AI influencers on Instagram

Let's dive into the world of Imma Gram and discover what makes her stand out.

Background of Imma Gram

Imma Gram, known as @imma.gram, is a virtual human influencer. She represents a new era of influencers—ones who are crafted, not born, yet as real in influence as any human star.

Created by Aww Inc. and ModelingCafe, Imma made her Instagram debut in 2018, quickly becoming a beloved figure in the virtual space. 

With her distinctive pink hair and expressive eyes, Imma is more than just a digital avatar; she's a style icon and a voice for modern societal themes, from environmental awareness to cultural exploration.

Imma's journey is a testament to the evolving landscape of influence, blurring the lines between the virtual and the real. Her creators envision her as a bridge, connecting audiences with relatable narratives that transcend the digital realm.

Snapshot of Imma’s Instagram Profile

Imma's Instagram is a canvas of her life, featuring everything from high-fashion shoots with Valentino and Chanel to casual moments that echo the lives of her human counterparts. 

Her engagements with brands like Adidas, KFC, and The North Face not only showcase her versatility but also offer brands a novel platform for consumer interaction.

Swipe through these images to see Imma in action, and witness the seamless integration of brand collaborations within her digital life.

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