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Meet Aitana Lopez - @fit_aitana

The Spanish AI model
AI Influencer Aitana Lopez

Aitana Lopez isn't just any fitness influencer.

She is 25 years old, from Spain and not real. She is one of the top AI influencers on Instagram

Want to know who she is? We break it down for you. 

Background of Aitana Lopez

Aitana Lopez, with the IG username @fit_aitana, is an AI-generated phenomenon with a personality that shines through her Instagram feed. Known for her outgoing and caring nature, Aitana shares her fitness journey, tagging powerhouse brands like Olaplex, Brandy Melville Spain, and Intimissimi, showcasing the seamless blend of AI innovation and influencer marketing.

Created by The Clueless, a forward-thinking communication agency based in Barcelona, Aitana represents the dawn of a new era for virtual influencers. Brands pay her about $1,000 a post, despite the fact that she is entirely fictional.

The Clueless has crafted Aitana as a strategic solution to the challenges of influencer collaboration, presenting a digital persona that's not only consistent and engaging but also capable of driving brand engagement without the complexities of human dynamics.

Snapshot of AItana’s Instagram Profile

Aitana's Instagram feed is a testament to her digital attraction, featuring stunning visuals that highlight her fitness lifestyle while tagging renowned brands like BERSHKA, OYSHO, and Victoria's Secret.

Take a look at the tags below.

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