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Meet Rozy Gram – @rozy.gram

Updated: Mar 7

South Korea's top virtual influencer
AI Influencer Rozy Gram

Rozy is a charming 22-year-old from South Korea.

She is loved by Gen Z and not real. She is one of the top AI influencers on Instagram

Want to know who she is? We break it down for you. 

Background of Rozy Gram

Rozy Gram, known as @rozy.gram, is a so-called virtual influencer. She represents a new era of influencers—ones who are crafted not born, yet as real in influence as any human star.

Rozy is a really cool AI influencer. Her life motto is “hakuna matata” and she is known for her flawless appearance, sustainable advocacy, and engaging social media content.

Rozy is created by Sidus Studio X in Seoul, brought to life through the vision of CEO Baek Seung-yeop, who saw the boundless potential in virtual influencers to redefine engagement.

Rozy embodies more than just digital perfection; she's a symbol of innovation in influencer marketing. Created to harness the growing trend of virtual personas, Rozy offers brands a unique blend of authenticity, relatability, and eco-conscious advocacy. 

Whether she's surfing, skateboarding, or just sharing her thoughts, Rozy's activities and endorsements feel as genuine as those of any real-life influencer. Her commitment to real-time interaction and leveraging technology for a positive impact sets her apart in the digital influencer landscape.

Snapshot of Rozy’s Instagram Profile

Rozy's Instagram is a testament to her influence and appeal. Take a look at her Instagram feed and you will see it is full of captivating images, often tagging large brands, including Tiffany & Co and Calvin Klein.

Take a look at the images and tags below.

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