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AI Strategy for Business

No matter where you are in your AI journey, it is important to develop your enterprise AI strategy.

Key Parts of AI Business Strategy

Leaders should take this opportunity to stay ahead. If you feel uncertain about starting your AI strategy, you're not alone. Consider AI strategy as a phased, business-planning exercise, embracing continual learning and adaptability. This approach ensures your strategy evolves in tandem with rapid technological changes. At BRACAI, we specialize in developing AI strategies across three main areas of our AI strategy framework.

Main Business Processes

AI Use Cases

AI Roadmap

AI Strategy Framework


Right now, every company, no matter the size or industry, should be thinking about AI

Dimensions of Our AI Strategy

Main Business Processes

Identifying core business processes

We start by identifying key business processes that are resource-intensive and revenue-generating. By mapping out these main processes, we focus on areas that significantly impact your business's efficiency and profitability.

AI Use Cases

Identifying AI solutions in business processes

Within these main processes, we explore how AI can be leveraged to streamline operations, free up resources, and accelerate deliverables. Our analysis pinpoints AI solutions that optimize these processes for maximum business value.

AI Roadmap

Developing a comprehensive AI roadmap

Our roadmap outlines the implementation of AI initiatives, detailing goals, benefits, KPIs, and required change management. We emphasize clear AI goals to drive organization-wide adoption and innovation. Identifying team responsibilities at both management and operational levels is crucial, addressing skills gaps and the impact on employees.


Leaders who embrace AI, take action to understand it, experiment with it, and envision how it can solve problems are going to run successful companies in an AI world.

Get Help With Your AI Business Strategy

We offer expert assistance developing artificial intelligence strategy and AI roadmap within only a few weeks.

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