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Meet Thalasya Pov - @thalasya_

First Indonesian digital human character
AI Influencer Thalasya Pov

Thalasya is a prominent Instagram influencer.

She has almost half a million followers on the platform. 

But, unlike traditional influencers, she is not real. She is one of the top AI influencers on Instagram

Let's dive into the world of Thalaysa Pov and discover what makes her stand out.

Background of Thalasya Pov

Thalasya Pov, known as @thalasya_, is an AI influencer. She represents a new era of influencers—ones who are made, not born, yet as real in influence as any human star.

Created by Magnavem Studio, Thalasya embodies a fusion of artificial intelligence and fashion, challenging traditional notions of influencer authenticity

Her content on Instagram showcases a lifestyle that spans from traveling across Indonesia to owning a clothing store called Yipiiiii with her friend Zeline.

Snapshot of Thalasya’s Instagram Profile

Thalasya's Instagram is showing her traveling to Miama, Florida, sitting at the poolside in the Marriott Executive Apartments in Jakarta or in Singapore.

She has made collaborations with several brands, including tokopedia, an Indonesian e-commerce company. As well as Canon Indonesia.

Swipe through these images to see Thalaysa in action, and witness the seamless integration of brand collaborations within her digital life.

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