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Overview of AI Tools: AWS SageMaker AI. BRACAI

Predictive Analytics

AWS SageMaker simplifies machine learning workflows, automating model training and deployment while freeing data scientists for intricate research. Ideal for tech-savvy businesses, it offers real-time predictive analytics and performance monitoring.

Overview of AI Tools: AI. BRACAI

Social Media generates conversion-optimized ad creatives and social media posts. Specify your target audience and platform, and takes care of the rest. Ideal for startups, e-commerce stores and agencies. It also provides insights on which creatives perform the best.

Overview of AI Tools: Ada AI. BRACAI

Customer Service

Ada helps you improve customer support. It automates common inquiries across various channels. Ideal for businesses of all sizes. With its user-friendly interface, teams can build and optimize automation without coding knowledge.

Overview of AI Tools: Airgram AI. BRACAI


Airgram specializes in AI data extraction during meetings. It's designed to summarize and extract key information from conversations, making it a useful assistant for businesses looking to convert unstructured data into organized insights.

Overview of AI Tools: Alli AI AI. BRACAI


Alli AI simplifies your SEO management. It offers on-page optimization, live editing and bulk generation of page titles and meta descriptions. Best suited for SEO specialists and businesses willing to invest in advanced SEO tools.

Overview of AI Tools: Alteryx Analytics Process Automation AI. BRACAI

Predictive Analytics

Alteryx streamlines data workflows, automating data preparation and analytics tasks to free analysts for more complex analyses. Ideal for businesses with diverse data needs, it offers predictive modeling and real-time insights.

Overview of AI Tools: AskCodi AI. BRACAI


AskCodi simplifies your development process with amazing features for faster, easier, and better coding. It offers a complete toolset, including Codi Projects, Codi Chat, and Codi Workbook. With support for over 50+ languages, it integrates seamlessly with popular IDEs.

Overview of AI Tools: AutoDraw AI. BRACAI

Image Generation

AutoDraw is a unique AI tool that transforms your doodles into more polished, line-drawn images. It's an excellent platform for quickly turning rough sketches into more defined shapes and illustrations. The tool is web-based and offers the ability to add text and color to your creations.

Overview of AI Tools: Autoblogging AI AI. BRACAI

SEO is an AI writing tool. It generates high-quality articles tairlored to your needs. It also offers the ability to convert Amazon product URLs into review articles. Autoblogging regularly adds new features and supports >10 languages.

Overview of AI Tools: Avoma AI. BRACAI


Avoma is an AI Meeting Assistant that offers a comprehensive solution for businesses to streamline their meetings.

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