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Top AI Statistics for Business in 2024

Updated: Jul 6

Are you curious about AI statistics for business? Then look no further.

We don't want to overwhelm you, so we have compiled a list of the top AI stats that we believe are relevant for people working in business and organizations.

Top 6 AI Statistics for Business in 2024 👇🏼

1. Global AI Market Growth

Global AI Market Development with artificial intelligence growth rate

The global AI market is estimated at approximately USD 200 billion in 2023 (Next Move Strategy Consulting):

  • It is expected to grow at a CAGR of +15% until 2030

  • This projection expects a USD $2 trillion global AI market in 2030

2. Which Regions Will Gain the Most From AI?

Illustration showing which regions will gain the most from AI

All regions of the global economy will experience benefits from artificial

intelligence (PwC):

  • China and North America stand to see the biggest economic gains with AI enhancing GDP by $7.0trillion and $3.7trillion, respectively

  • Europe and Developed Asia will also experience significant economic gains from AI enhancing GDP by $2.5trillion and $0.9trillion, respectively

  • Developing countries will experience more modest increases due the much lower rates of adoption of AI technologies expected

3. CEO's AI Priority

Percentage of CEOs seeing AI as a competitive advantage

75% of CEOs believe AI is a competitive advantage (IBM):

  • 50% are currently integrating AI into their business

  • 43% are using AI in strategic decisions

4. ChatGPT's Unprecedented User Adoption Rate

AI stats: time it took for ChatGPT to reach 100m monthly active users vs other important platforms

ChatGPT reached 100 Million Users in 2 months, setting a new standard for rapid adoption:

  • This growth rate is unprecedented compared to other online services like Tiktok (9 months), Instagram (30 months) and Uber (70 months)

  • Its rapid adoption shows the growing demand for advanced AI solutions in business

5. AI's Gap: High Investment, Low Deployment

AI stat: Businesses investing in AI vs businesses deploying AI

90% of businesses are investing in AI technologies, signaling a strong belief in AI's potential to revolutionize industries (Authority Hacker)

  • Despite the widespread enthusiasm for AI, only 14.6% of these businesses have progressed to deploying AI capabilities within their operations

  • This statistic underscores a significant challenge facing companies today: the practical, effective deployment of AI technologies remains challenging for many, highlighting a gap between ambition and execution

6. Positive Impact of AI on Business Performance

AI Stats on benefits of artificial intelligence for business

A majority of business owners believe AI will positively impact their businesses, enhancing customer relationships, productivity, and driving sales growth (Forbes)

  • 64% of respondents expect AI to improve customer relationships and increase productivity

  • 60% foresee AI driving sales growth

  • AI is seen as a tool for better decision-making (44%), reducing response times (53%), and minimizing errors (48%)

  • 59% of businesses anticipate cost savings, while 42% expect AI to streamline job processes

7. Most Common Ways Companies Are Using AI

AI statistics on most common ways companies use AI

These are the top five ways companies are currently using AI (Forbes):

  • 56% leveraging it for enhanced customer service

  • 51% use AI for cybersecurity / fraud management

  • 47% use AI for digital assistants

  • 46% use AI for CRM

  • 40% use AI for inventory management


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