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Instagram strategy with AI

Our five-step approach



Define target audience

Define your target audience by focusing on criteria such as industry, location, and specific pain points. Use AI to refine these criteria to ensure the targeting is comprehensive and precise.



Develop content strategy

Create a content plan that outlines your main themes (content pillars), the types of content you will produce, and how often you will post. Use AI to identify patterns of successful content and understand what drives user engagement.



Create templates

Develop creative templates with AI-driven design tools to ensure brand consistency and enhance visual appeal. These templates should be versatile, supporting various content types like posts, stories, and ads, thereby streamlining your content production process.



Produce content

Implement your content strategy by producing content with the templates you've created. AI can assist by generating engaging text for captions and optimizing visual elements, ensuring the content is ready to publish and aligns with your strategic goals.