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What is a Prompt in Generative AI - Example of ChatGPT

Wondering how you can best leverage AI?

Focus on your prompts.

What you write as a question to ChatGPT matters a lot on the quality of the output.

Man in front of computer, wondering what is a prompt in generative AI?

What is a prompt in generative AI?

A prompt is the input that a user provides the generative AI to generate a desired response.

In short, it is a way of asking the AI to generate something.

You can simply write a prompt to ChatGPT:

Simple ChatGPT prompt example

As you can see, it is easy to write simple prompts to ChatGPT and get quite meaningful results.

However, you can take this further.

There are multiple benefits of optimizing the prompting. For instance, saving time and getting more precise information.

At BRACAI, we use AI for all our processes. We have streamlined our prompting.

Tips to Take Your ChatGPT Prompts to the Next Level

  1. Set the Stage: Instruct the AI by starting with "act as..."

  2. Define the Problem: Specify what you want answered using action words such as "Create", "Write", "Make", or "Generate" instead of phrases like "can you"

  3. Define Output Format: Indicate whether you want a paragraph, list, summary, or table

  4. Provide Context: Offer additional information to help the AI generate relevant responses

  5. Outline Guidelines: Set parameters to assist the AI in tailoring its answers

Tips to Take Your ChatGPT Prompts to the Next Level

Make sure to check that the prompt is:

  • Be Clear and Specific: Avoid ambiguity to prevent vague or irrelevant responses

  • Use Natural Language: Enables the AI to generate human-like responses

  • Emphasize with Double Quotes: Like stressing a word in speech or using "air quotes" in a presentation

  • Provide Examples: Use examples in the prompts

  • Specify Response Length: Indicate the desired length or word count of the AI's answer

Since you read all the way down to the end of this article, I want to give you a few best in class prompt examples, using the strategies outlined earlier.

Best-In-Class ChatGPT Prompt Examples

Industry SWOT Analysis

ChatGPT Prompt Example

Act as a consultant from a top-tier consulting firm (McKinsey, BCG, Bain). Provide a succinct, 100 word SWOT analysis of the e-commerce industry. Here is some further context: The e-commerce industry is expecting continued growth, driven by several key trends. These include the rise of social commerce with seamless shopping integration on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, a growing emphasis on personalization through data analytics and AI, the adoption of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) for immersive online shopping experiences, the ongoing popularity of subscription-based services for convenience and tailored recommendations, and a heightened focus on sustainable and ethical practices in sourcing, packaging, and manufacturing. To succeed in this dynamic landscape, retailers must stay ahead of these trends, prioritize exceptional customer experiences, and focus on their 80/20 customer segments for continued success.

Here you can see we are:

  1. Setting the stage: Making the AI act as a consultant from a top tier consultancy

  2. Defining the problem: Provide a SWOT analysis of the e-commerce industry

  3. Defining output format: Word format

  4. Providing context: Adding an additional paragraph of the industry trends

  5. Outlining guidelines: Want a succinct answer within 100 words

We recommend preparing templates based on this framework, in order to quickly fill in the key components and ensure that you are making great prompts.

The example above can easily be turned into a template:

ChatGPT Prompt Template

Act as [Position] from a [specific entity/organization]. Provide a succinct, [word count] word [strategy framework] analysis of the [industry] industry. Here is some further context: [context]

Whether you're exploring the nuances of a different industry, a new market trend, or a different strategic framework, this template is adaptable and ensures you consistently get relevant and insightful responses from ChatGPT.

SEO Article Outline Creation

ChatGPT Prompt Example

Act as an SEO expert. Draft a comprehensive outline for a 1000-word blog post about the importance of organic farming in today's world. The main keywords to focus on are: Organic farming benefits Sustainable agriculture Soil health and organic practices Based on my research, here are some crucial points: Increased demand for organic produce post-pandemic Role of organic farming in carbon sequestration Consumer trust in organic labels Ensure the outline adheres to the MECE principle.

Here you can see we are:

  1. Setting the stage: Making the AI act as a SEO expert

  2. Defining the problem: Provide an outline for a blog post about the importance of organic farming

  3. Defining output format: Outline format

  4. Providing context: Adding key points from my research

  5. Outlining guidelines: 1000 word blog outline following the MECE principle, optimized for the specified keywords

ChatGPT Prompt Template

Act as a SEO expert. Write an outline for a [word count] word blog post about [topic]. The main keywords should be: [main keywords] I've done some research. Can you incorporate the relevant parts into our outline? [research] Please revise the article outline based on the MECE principle.

Effective prompts are the key to harnessing the full potential of generative AI like ChatGPT.

With these templates and strategies in hand, you're well-equipped to craft prompts that yield insightful, relevant, and actionable responses.


While the strategies above provide a robust foundation, it's essential to remember that mastering prompts is both an art and science combined.

The beauty of generative AI, especially platforms like ChatGPT, is that they provide an ever-evolving canvas for users to experiment and learn.

While the tips provided above can significantly improve the quality of generated content, there's no substitute for hands-on experimentation. Dive in, play with your prompts, and discover the full potential of ChatGPT for your specific needs.

Looking for more insights on AI? Dive deeper into our range of articles exploring the exciting world of artificial intelligence.


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