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A Comprehensive Guide to AI Meeting Assistants for Startups and Small Businesses

Do you have many meetings and struggle with combining notes and being an active listener? Doing two jobs at once is not easy. You either miss asking the important questions or fail to take thorough notes.

Luckily, AI meeting assistants are here to help you.

They will capture your conversations, convert the spoken words into text, and securely archive the data for future purposes. Subsequently, you can leverage various AI functionalities to extract valuable information, such as condensing the transcript, cataloging significant findings, and creating actionable tasks.

After extensive research and testing of all available AI meeting assistants, I've determined these are the top options.

Top 10 AI Meeting Assistant Tools for 2023

How to Choose the Right AI Tool

Selecting the ideal AI meeting assistant depends on a variety of factors. We’ve created a mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive (MECE) framework that you can use for an informed evaluation.

MECE Framework for Evaluating AI Meeting Assistants

  1. Technical Compatibility: Does the tool integrate with the video conferencing platforms and calendar systems you're already using?

  2. Core Functionality: What's the quality of the AI's transcription, note-taking, and other fundamental services?

  3. Advanced Features: Does it offer extras like meeting summaries, action items, and sentiment analysis?

  4. Usability and Experience: Is the tool intuitive? Will your team actually enjoy using it?

  5. Scalability and Flexibility: Can the tool grow with your business needs?

  6. Privacy and Security: How well does the tool protect your sensitive data?

  7. Cost and Commitment: Are the pricing plans reasonable, and is there a free trial or a basic free plan?

  8. Support and Reliability: What level of customer service does the company provide?

AI Meeting Assistant Comparison Matrix

Top 10 AI Meeting Assistant Tools assessed across framework

Based on this matrix, you can get an at-a-glance view of how each tool stacks up. The numbers are not random; they're based on rigorous testing, trusted reviews, and real-world user feedback.

10 Best AI Meeting Assistants


Rewatch stands out with the highest average score of 4.4.

It shines particularly in creating a video wiki from your meetings, allowing you to easily search for information later. Its high score is also boosted by its feature-rich free plan, which includes 15 transcribed meetings and 5 AI summaries per month.

If you're looking for an all-in-one package, Rewatch is an excellent choice.


  • Excellent video archiving and search capabilities

  • Generous free plan with 15 transcribed meetings and 5 AI summaries per month

  • User-friendly interface


  • Limited advanced features beyond video wiki creation

Pricing: Freemium model; premium plans start at $20/user/month.


Avoma comes in a close second with an average score of 4.3.

It excels in conversation analytics, offering deep insights into your meetings. The tool also offers automatic video and audio recording and transcription.

With its advanced functionalities and robust support, Avoma is ideal for businesses looking for a comprehensive meeting assistant.


  • Comprehensive conversation analytics

  • Automatic video and audio recording and transcription

  • Robust customer support


  • Limited language support

Pricing: Starts at $40/user/month.


Fireflies holds its ground with an impressive average score of 4.1.

Specializing in collaboration and topic tracking features, this tool enhances team productivity and engagement. Fireflies also offers 800 minutes of free meeting storage, making it a generous option for smaller teams or startups.

With its user-friendly interface and multi-language support, Fireflies is a strong contender for businesses with diverse linguistic needs.


  • Excellent collaboration and topic tracking features

  • Multi-language support

  • 800 minutes of free meeting storage


  • Limited data security information

Pricing: Freemium model; premium plans start at $19/user/month.


Fellow scores an average of 4.0.

Fellow excels in seamless native integrations, making it a versatile tool for companies already committed to certain platforms. It also offers unlimited free transcriptions, enhancing its value proposition.

The tool’s extensive range of features and user-friendly interface make Fellow ideal for businesses that require a robust and flexible meeting assistant.


  • Extensive native integrations

  • Unlimited free transcriptions

  • User-friendly interface


  • Some features can be overwhelming for new users

Pricing: Freemium model; premium plans start at $5/user/month.


Krisp is just a hair behind with a score of 3.9.

It specializes in offering high-quality audio during meetings, thanks to its state-of-the-art noise reduction features.

While it does offer some transcription services, its primary focus remains on audio quality.


  • Excellent noise-cancellation features

  • Available across all apps

  • 60 minutes of free noise-reduced meetings daily


  • Primarily focused on audio quality

Pricing: Freemium; premium plans start at $3.33/month.


Airgram sports an average score of 3.8, focusing primarily on AI data extraction.

With 5 free meeting recordings per month with a 30-minute limit, it offers a decent free plan but doesn’t quite match the competition in terms of features and functionality.


  • Good AI data extraction

  • Supports multiple platforms

  • Five free 30-minute meetings per month


  • Limited free plan in comparison to competitors

Pricing: Freemium; premium plans start at $10/user/month.


tl;dv offers AI-powered meeting search with an average score of 3.6.

Its unique selling point is its ability to search within transcriptions, but it lacks some of the advanced features that higher-scoring tools offer.


  • Strong search capabilities within transcriptions

  • Supports Zoom and Google Meet

  • User-friendly interface


  • Limited advanced features

Pricing: Freemium; premium plans start at $8/user/month.


Nyota also earns an average score of 3.5, making it a solid choice for businesses seeking a wide range of AI features in a meeting assistant.

Nyota integrates seamlessly with popular platforms like Zoom, Meet, and Teams, but it doesn't offer a free plan, which might be a drawback for some users. Its feature variety is its strong suit, but this can also make the tool more complicated for those who prefer a more streamlined approach.


  • Wide range of AI features

  • Supports multiple platforms such as Zoom, Meet, and Teams

  • Customizable settings


  • No free plan available

  • Can be overwhelming due to the variety of features

Pricing: No free plans; premium plans start at $29/user/month.


With an average score of 3.5, Fathom offers a simple and straightforward approach to meeting assistance.

The tool specializes in transcription and highlights important moments during the meeting. Fathom’s free version is a standout, especially for individuals or small teams on a tight budget.

Although Fathom offers fewer features compared to some other tools, it focuses on providing a strong core experience with the features it does offer.


  • Free version available for individuals

  • Strong focus on transcriptions and highlights

  • Simple and straightforward to use


  • Limited advanced functionalities

  • Exclusively supports Zoom users

Pricing: Free for individuals; premium plans are yet to be disclosed.

Equal Time

Equal Time receives the lowest average score of 3.1.

Despite its focus on inclusivity, it falls short in other key criteria like scalability and advanced features. However, if inclusive meetings are a top priority for you, this tool is worth considering.


  • Focuses on inclusivity

  • Supports multiple platforms


  • Lower scores on scalability and advanced features

Pricing: Freemium; premium plans start at $7/user/month.


What is an AI Meeting Assistant?

An AI meeting assistant is a software solution that often leverages technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) to perform tasks such as transcribing meetings, summarizing key points, and identifying action items. These tools can significantly reduce manual work and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your meetings.

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