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Yooz Review

Textio is an AI tool that optimizes your invoices processes. It aims to improve your supplier relationships, speed up the invoice approval and move towards a paperless system.

AI Application - Yooz

Yooz brings the power of AI to your Finance department. It provides a comprehensive, real-time and automated accounts payable process that integrates seamlessly with various ERP systems.

It aims to remove manual inefficiencies and provide better control over the invoice process.

Yooz wants a paperless accounts payable process with real-time supplier management, same day approval and mobile access.

AI Features - Yooz

Here are some of the key features of Yooz:


Automating and optimizing P2P workflows.

Improving invoice processes.

Use Case

Finance and accounting professionals.

Customer Group

SoftCo, Stampli, and AvidXchange.

Similar Tools

Conclusion of Review for Yooz

Yooz offers an efficient way to streamline the invoice process with its artificial intelligence. It's an innovative solution for businesses looking to improve their P2P workflows.

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