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Textio Review

Textio is an AI tool for HR and recruitment. Great for improving job ads, emails and social posts.

AI Application - Textio

Textio optimizes your recruiting texts, such as job posts or emails. Its AI algorithm can predict how your written content will perform before it is published, and it offers real-time suggestions on how to improve your writing.

It aims to create a more inclusive talent attraction and disrupt the unconscious bias across the entire recruiting funnel.

While you write your texts, you get a real-time Textio Score on your writing and a detection of unconscious social bias. This way you can easily improve your recruitment texts.

Textio can help HR and recruitment teams write better and more inclusive.

AI Features - Textio

Here are some of the key features of Textio:


Real-time text optimization and bias detection.

HR and recruitment content.

Use Case

HR and recruitment professionals.

Customer Group

Writer, Grammarly Business, and

Similar Tools

Conclusion of Review for Textio

Textio is a great tool for businesses who wants to make their HR and recruitment processes better and more inclusive. It is a powerful tool for HR and recruitment teams who want to leverage artificial intelligence.

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