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Iris AI is an AI tool designed to help you with scientific research. Known for its advanced capabilities, the AI tool offers a powerful approach to the analysis of scientific literature and finding relevant research papers.

AI Application - is a AI tool that helps researchers and scientists navigate the world of scientific literature.

The tool is basically a science assistant that guides you when discovering relevant research papers for your study. It applies artificial intelligence to process and understand the context of your research topic, then scours databases of scientific literature to provide the most pertinent papers. is designed to tackle the problem of information overload in scientific research, saving researchers significant time and effort in finding the right resources. It provides value by making the research process more efficient and accurate, offering an insightful research trail to follow.

AI Features -

Here are some of the key features of


Discovering relevant scientific literature.

Speeding up the process of literature review for scientific research.

Use Case

Researchers, scientists, students, and professionals in scientific and academic fields.

Customer Group

Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic, Scopus.

Similar Tools

Conclusion of Review for offers a good scientific research tool. It can simplify the reserach process, which allows researches to focus more on analyzing the literature rather than finding it. While AI cannot replace a researcher's expertise, it could be a powerful ally in the research process.

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