top of page Review is an AI audio platform. It aims to improve your focus, relaxation and sleep by using carefully engineered music.

AI Application - uses artificial intelligence to create and deliver music designed to improve your mental state. The tool uses a patented AI engine to generate compositions that can help you focus during work, relax during downtime or even sleep more restfully.

It applies to different mental states. Whether you're working on a complex project, winding down after a long day or trying to sleep, provides the optimal audio environment. It adds value by potentially improving productivity, reducign stress and improve your sleep quality.

AI Features -

Here are some of the key features of


Personalized AI generated music.

Improve focus, relaxation or sleep.

Use Case

Business professionals, students, athletes, mediators.

Customer Group

Noisli, Endel.

Similar Tools

Conclusion of Review for is offering a great opportunity to improve your mental state with functional music. If you find that the right kind of music impact your focus positively, then could make a substantial difference in your daily life. If you're curious about the power of functional music, is definitely worth a try.

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