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Top Generative AI Audio Tools

Generative AI audio tools are revolutionizing both the way music creators create music, as well as content creators, marketers, influencers, etc. From fresh drum samples to mastering tracks with precision, these tools are transforming the music industry whether you like it or not.

Our Favorite AI Audio Tools

Discover the best AI audio tools: Lander, Backbone, Neutron, Smart EQ3

We have decided to choose one AI audio tool that is making music creation overall easier, and three plugins as we believe this is what's most useful (as it fits into music creators current workflows).


LANDR offers automated mastering services, providing polished tracks quickly and affordably. It uses AI algorithms to replicate professional mastering.

Key Features:

  • Rapid processing for quick turnarounds

  • Analyzes music style for tailored mastering

  • Volume normalization ensures consistent playback levels



  • User-friendly interface with diverse subscription plans

  • Perfectly suited for independent musicians seeking professional sound quality


LANDR stands out as the go-to AI audio tool for comprehensive mastering services, making it a valuable asset for creators looking for quick and efficient audio enhancement.

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Steinberg Backbone

Steinberg Backbone revolutionizes drum sound design, offering a robust platform for crafting custom drum samples with AI assistance.

Key Features:

  • Layering up to eight samples for complex drum sounds.

  • Re-synthesis capabilities for creative sound manipulation.

  • Extensive effects and export options for seamless DAW integration.



  • AI-powered DrumGAN for generating unique drum samples.

  • Intuitive interface caters to both novice and professional producers.

  • Comprehensive preset library for quick inspiration.


Backbone is the ideal plugin for producers seeking innovative drum design tools that blend seamlessly into their production environment.


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Neutron 4

Neutron 4 by iZotope is a cutting-edge mixing suite that streamlines the audio production process with intelligent, AI-driven tools.

Key Features:

  • Eight modular plugins for versatile mixing applications.

  • Innovative modules like Unmask, Trash Mode, and Punch Mode for dynamic sound shaping.

  • Visual Mixer and Assistant View for an intuitive mixing experience.



  • Audiolens feature for matching mix elements, enhancing both clarity and balance.

  • Tailored for both beginners and professionals with user-friendly design.

  • Positive user testimonials affirming its effectiveness in real-world scenarios.


Neutron 4 is the perfect companion for audio professionals who demand a smart, efficient mixing solution.


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Smart EQ3

Smart EQ3 by Sonible is an intelligent equalizer that automates the process of achieving spectral balance in any audio mix.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered processing for detailed and transparent sound.

  • Cross-channel processing to ensure each track sits perfectly in the mix.

  • Customizable impact levels and a sleek, user-friendly interface.



  • Compatible with various DAWs and supports high sample rates.

  • Educational discount available, making it accessible to students and lecturers.

  • Ideal for audio professionals looking for advanced control over their mix's spectral balance.


Smart EQ3 is designed for those who seek a sophisticated, AI-enhanced equalizing tool to refine their audio productions.


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